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Moving with the times

How much have our lives changed with the coming of the digital age? Life before internet was very different from today, where Amazon was just a river, web design was exclusive to arachnids and encyclopedias were the treasure house of information. Then in the 20th century came one of the greatest inventions of mankind in the field of technology, “the Internet”. Since then, technology is continuing to change our lives in so many ways, giving opportunities for growth and creativity in every industry.

Convenience is key in the digital age. Advancements in telecommunications industries have been a game changer for businesses. Today, everyone has a mobile, internet, chatting, and video conference facilities. These facilities enable us to communicate with anyone at any time in the world. The advantage of communication change is that it is now faster, efficient, and quickest. When we look back in time where people used to communicate through letters and wait for days to receive a response, we realize how far we have grown with digitization and yet we take things for granted. We use technologies today such as smartphones to self-driving cars, which have already changed our lives in ways unimaginable a few decades ago.

Technology in business augments massive development in marketing and commerce. The use of cloud storage, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other business tools manage the business. It’s no wonder why most people are worried that robots will take over their jobs. Machines have been replacing human workers for decades now and are being embraced by industries in various sectors including the healthcare and dental industry.

Healthcare and dental industry thrives because of modern technology. Technology automates and streamlines medical treatments that previously had to be done by clinicians and practitioners. These advancements have helped medical providers and dental offices to focus their time and efforts on potentially reducing overall cost of medical care. From electronic health records, digital temp staffing platforms to artificial intelligence and augmented reality, technology is continuing to transform healthcare industry and improving overall quality of care.

Dental industry in particular has undergone radical changes over the past few decades. With more practices and labs going digital, it is only a matter of time before digital dentistry becomes an industry norm. Digitization in dentistry has taken over dental temp staffing platforms in the past few years as well, which is proving to be a game changer for an industry staffed by highly trained dental professionals who prefer flex time. The real challenge for dentists in current scenario is to run offices efficiently with qualified staffs to care for their patients. In most cases, dental offices end up canceling booked appointments when staffs are unavailable, and they do not find temp professionals in time to fill in for those shifts.

This is where, modern digital staffing platform like Kolligate help in connecting dental offices and temp professionals. Kolligate aims to help its users with enhanced features that combine algorithms and artificial intelligence-assisted scheduling to facilitate instant matching between dental offices and temp professionals seeking shifts. The platform’s ability to fill temporary shifts quickly will help dental offices to avoid canceling patients when a staff member is on vacation or has called out sick. With the help of modern technology, Kolligate will continue to innovate within the field of health care staffing to connect with the dental community and assist in solving staffing challenges across the country and beyond.

-Contributed to kolligate community by Krithika Sunder