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How It Works?
How It Works?
Explore boundless possibilities with kolligate
Kolligate’s workflows and designs are simple and easy to use, keeping the needs of dental professionals in mind. To explore features and functionality of the kolligate platform watch the tutorial videos below:
kolligate: Temp the way you ever wanted
Get Started With kolligate:
Sign-up for a free account. It only takes a few minutes to become a member of the kolligate community. If you have a referral code, enter it to earn rewards.
Complete Profile:
Confirm your email and start to fill in your personal and professional details. The profile information you enter will help increase your chances of being found as a match for a suitable shift and get offered more shifts from Job Posters.
Get Verified:
All users on kolligate are authenticated before they get access to the marketplace. Our team will approve your profile once it is complete, and then you are all set to start exploring the platform.
Complete Background Check:
Job Seekers who have completed their background check will be differentiated, get more visibility in the marketplace and can earn more. We encourage all Job Seekers to complete this process and earn a special badge, which will allow their profiles to be prioritized in Job Posters’ searches. Job Seekers with this badge will get noticed more in the marketplace. To learn more about the associated rewards, visit here .
Set Availability:
Set your Standard Availability to complete your profile. You will be visible in the marketplace to Job Posters and start to receive offers for shifts based on your set availability. Use the Quick Availability feature which we have added for your convenience, to quickly change your present-day and next-day availability. This feature can be accessed from the navbar on the web app and from the Discover screen on the mobile app.
Explore the platform:
Look around to learn all the cool features offered, which will help you enhance your temping experience. Head over to Discover to use our interactive map to look for shifts around you that match your profile. Check out the smart Calendar, Grab a Shift and much more.
Refer Friends:
You can refer your friends to kolligate to help build an awesome user community. Share your referral code on social media platforms or send them personally to your friends to invite them and earn rewards. To learn more about Rewards program, click here.
Share Shifts:
kolligate lets you share a shift which may be relevant to someone you know. You can share the shift directly to social media or share the link of the shift personally.
Receive Offers:
Once your availability is set and profile is complete, Job Posters can now find you in the marketplace. You can start to receive offers for shifts and now the ball is in your court. Accept the offer or negotiate the terms that best match your requirements.
Grab a Shift:
kolligate lets you decide when and where you want to work. Head over to Grab a Shift to find shifts from the marketplace that fit you best. The shift cards allow you to learn more about Shift Timings, Offered Rate, Patient Management Software, Office setup, Distance, etc. to help you make an educated decision.
Express Interest:
When you find a shift that meets your requirements, you can click on Express Interest button to let the Job Poster know that you are available for that shift. Job Posters can accept the offer or negotiate the terms, and once there is a mutual agreement, you will have a confirmed shift.
Negotiate Terms:
kolligate empowers you to negotiate terms of the shift like hourly rate and shift timings. You can counter Job Posters’ offers per your preferred time and rate — up to 25% higher than the proposed rate. Once both parties agree to the terms, the shift is confirmed and you are all set.
Manage Schedule:
Refer Shift Activity or Calendar, to know about your upcoming shifts and plan your schedule accordingly. Additionally, our Manage Availability feature on the Calendar allows you to set your preferred availability for the upcoming days.
Complete Shift:
Shift cards will have all details you need to plan for the shift. Also, kolligate will send you a reminder email about your upcoming shift and the required documents. Enjoy your shift!
Rate Your Experience:
Did you enjoy the shift? After the shift completion, share your positive experience and give a thumbs up. And, don't forget to favorite the Job Poster if you would like to work with them for future shifts.
kolligate, an experience of modern
kolligate, an experience of modern temping you deserve!