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How We Help
How We Help
kolligate, we understand temp staffing
Trustworthy Professionals:
kolligate understands how nerve-wracking hiring a temp professional can be, so we give you an extra layer of assurance. kolligate places a special badge on Job Seekers’ profiles with background checks completed.
Complete Transparency:
kolligate’s Discover feature is an interactive map which allows you to filter through Job Seekers who are available and best match your needs. Additionally, you can see the Job Seekers’ detailed profiles to learn more about them and help you hire the right professional.
Fill Shifts in Advance:
Knowing that an employee will be absent in the upcoming weeks doesn’t remove the stress of filling their role. That’s why kolligate allows you to post shifts for future dates — to give you the best chance to fill your shift ahead of time.
Post a Shift:
Posting a shift is free and it takes only a few moments. After your shift is posted in the marketplace, you can start to discover temp employees matching your requirements. A fee is charged only when a successful match with a professional is found.
Convenient to Use:
The kolligate mobile app allows you to have quick access to the platform where you can easily find temp staff. The app's real-time notification system instantly sends alerts and notifies you regarding all shift activities like offers accepted, interests received and much more. Download the app now from the App Store or Play Store.
Connect With Externs and Volunteers:
kolligate’s unique functionality allows you to connect with externs and volunteers who are eager to learn and help you fulfill your temp staffing needs. You get an opportunity to train and experience their work to learn if they are a good fit for your team before you actually hire them.
Recurring Shifts:
kolligate’s “recurring shift” functionality allows you to post shifts to address upcoming gaps in your future staffing. The recurring shift functionality allows you to choose different patterns and shifts can be posted for up to 3 months in advance. This ensures that your time is quality spent in taking care of your patients instead of worrying about staffing.
Permanent Hiring:
If you hired a Job Seeker from kolligate within the last 12 months, you can offer them a full-time position. Once the hiring is complete, notify kolligate to pay a small fixed fee and get a 10% discount on the same. To learn more about Full-Time Hiring, visit here.
Help with Growing Practices:
When growing, you can use kolligate for temp staffing to get more experience of the trends in the industry and then make the decision to hire someone permanently. Kolligate makes the process less stressful, gives you flexibility to hire, minimizes financial risk and prevents a hiring and firing scenario.